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Stereo Workstation Software is the essential Home Music Playback tool for people who like to sit down and really listen to their Music. The Version 2.2 release enables your home office computer, your home entertainment system computer, or even your laptop or tablet computer to become a powerful Stereo Workstation and Stereo Music Server. You will be able to improve the Sonic Performance of all your Music (CDs, DVDs, MP3s, etc.), and of your System (Pre Amps, Power Amps, Speakers, Room Acoustics, etc.). You will also be able to make Adjustments for your own personal Music preferences. You will be able to Import Music from a CD (rip) or an MP3 Player then Export Adjusted Music back to a CD (burn) or MP3 Player. You can connect a Stereo Workstation to your Stereo System using Analog or S/PDIF digital to directly Adjust and control your Music.


A "Stereo Workstation" consists of a "Stereo Workstation Computer" that has "Stereo Workstation Software" installed. A Stereo Workstation Computer is ideally a Computer with some special specifications such as Acoustically Silent Operation, High Processing Speed, Large Hard Disk Capacity, and High Performance Audio Inputs and Outputs (Analog and Digital). But any Computer, even a Laptop or Tablet, meeting certain minimum requirements can be used as a Stereo Workstation Computer. A Computer with Stereo Workstation Software that is connected to a Stereo System becomes an actual Stereo Workstation. We believe Stereo Workstations are a Whole New Category of Stereo Component like Stereo Pre Amps, Stereo Power Amps, or Stereo Speakers.


The Sonic Performance of your Music is like the Engine Performance of your Car. You can make various Adjustments to create better Engine Performance for your Car and with Stereo Workstation Software you will be able to make Adjustments to create better Sonic Performance for your Music. In the first case you are performing a Tune Up for your Car and in the second case you are performing a Tune Up for your Music. You can save a unique set of Tune Up Adjustments for each Track on a Disc or each Music File.


Stereo Equalizer Software Lets You Draw Continuous Equalization Graphs That Are Viewed On Your Monitor Display Screen.

Stereo Equalizer Graph Screen
Stereo Equalizer

Almost Any Conceivable Graph Can Be Drawn To Create Better Sonic Performance For Each Music Disc Track Or Music File.


At Digiphase Electronics we define Sonic Performance as the subjective enjoyment of Music. So, more Music enjoyment means better Sonic Performance, and less Music enjoyment means worse Sonic Performance. For example you can brighten up your CD Music and at the same time get rid of the digital harshness for your home stereo system, or just boost up the Bass for awesome car sub woofer Sonic Performance. You can also fire up the Sonic Performance of compressed MP3 Music sources for a superior MP3 Player experience.

Extensive work has been done over the years in an attempt to automate the Sonic Performance improvement process using microphones and various types of test signals. Unfortunately, the results have been disappointing using this approach. The problem is that microphones do not hear like the human ear does. There is nothing like putting a real human listener in the loop (Head In Loop) and letting the human brain do the necessary processing. This is what Stereo Workstation Software enables you to do in a dynamic and adaptive way.

Stereo Signal Analyzer Scope Screen
Stereo Oscilloscope

Stereo Signal Analyzer Software Enables You To See Your Music Waveforms And Spectrums For Testing, Analysis, Or Just For Fun.

Stereo Signal Analyzer Spectrum Screen
Stereo Spectrum Analyzer

With Stereo Workstation Software you have Real Time control over all aspects of the Music and your own ears are the microphones, which makes you part of the Stereo Workstation machine. Stereo Workstation Software has been tested for many years using various computers and Stereo System components placed in various room configurations. In all cases the benefits were immediate and compelling.

When used in a home entertainment system a Stereo Workstation integrates easily with most Stereo Systems and also with most Home Theater Systems. In fact, since Home Theater Systems are optimized for Movie sound track playback rather than Music playback, Stereo Workstation Software can make all the difference in the world when playing Stereo source materials on these systems.


Stereo Signal Analyzer Software Enables You To Generate Complex Tone And Noise Waveforms For Testing, Analysis, Or Just For Fun.

Stereo Signal Analyzer Tones Screen
Stereo Signal Generator

Test Tone Panel Is Shown With Integrated Oscilloscope Screen Set For Dual Trace Mode. Tones Are Setup For Simple 100 Hz And 500 Hz Operation.

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